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Lee Smith

Principal Instructor

Lee has had a lifelong interest in history and swordsmanship. He is a constant student of the martial arts, and is most often found nose deep in both historical and contemporary manuals, traveling to learn from renowned instructors, or in the finals of a tournament. As a noted tournament fighter and fierce competitor, Lee is a passionate advocate of competitive fighting. Lee and his students have been successful in various tournaments in a number of different weapon styles. Lee is a respected international instructor and has taught seminars and classes at prestigious events throughout North America and Europe, and is a member of both the Western Martial Arts Coalition, and the HEMA Alliance Curriculum Council. His specialties are the rapier and dagger, renaissance side sword and paired buckler, the dussack/messer, and the contemporary fighting knife; as well Lee is well versed in the use of the rondel dagger, longsword (german tradition), baton and cane. 


Nicole Smith

Senior Instructor

Nicole’s skill and passion for Historical European Martial Arts comes from a lifelong love of reading, and competitive sports.  Nicole is has won many medals over the years in multiple disciplines. She is one of the worlds top female HEMA practitioners and was once ranked number one in the world for women’s long sword.  As well, Nicole is one of North Americas first women to teach Historical Fencing, and is extremely well rounded in her practice and understanding of the art. She spends much of her time fencing, training and testing her theories with a sword in hand. Her specialties are the rapier, longsword, and dussack/messer. She is also known for her skill with the dagger/knife, and late period sword and buckler.


Danny Miller

Senior Instructor

Some people are born to fight. Some are born to teach. Danny is one of the few who can do both. An accomplished martial artist and teacher, Danny is very well rounded. He has achieved a 3rd degree black belt in Sun Hang Do, and has cross trained in many different disciplines, and has been a professional martial arts instructor for the past 7 years. His western specialty is the longsword, but is also well known for his combative skill with the Dussack, Messer, Backsword, and Saber. 


Thomas Potter

Stage and Screen

Thomas is well known for his Film and Theatre Choreography, is a Classically Trained Actor, noted fight choreographer, and as an experienced member of the stunt community. A life long fighter, Thomas served in the Canadian Armed Forces (PPCLI), has been to French Commando School, was on the Canadian Unarmed Combat Team. Combing both his training and experience Thomas’s current focus is to better the historical martial arts in theatre and film. Currently he is one of the lead trainers for DC 5 Talent, and is regularly found working on his personal film projects, or most often on one of the various shows that are filming in what is commonly referred to as Hollywood North. 


Erik Bailey

Head instructor of Blood and Iron Victoria

Erik’s interest in the martial arts began at a young age, with over a dozen years spent studying various disciplines, including a year training in Japan. In addition to instructing both adults and youth at Blood and Iron, Erik has branched out from the main location to open the first satellite school of any HEMA organization. His specialties are the Singlestick, Dussack, Messer, Longsword, as well as the Rapier and Dagger. 


Julian Schuetze


Throughout childhood Julian has had an insatiable love for anything medieval and weapons related. Focusing on both the physical and mental aspect of the art, Julian has become a well-rounded teacher and award winning fighter As an instructor Julian has taught classes from Vancouver to Holland, and is excellent in relating information to both children and adults. Julian lives to train, fight, learn and has spent countless hours working on the little details to perfect his techniques and is always willing to spend many, many more. Proudly heading the youth program and teaching adult classes, Julian gives his all to make sure Blood and Iron students receive the best training and experience to improve their skills, both young and old. Julian’s specialties are the Longsword and the Rapier and Dagger, but is well versed in the Messer, Singlestick, Sidesword, Sword and Buckler, and Knife. 


Stephen Kime

Instructor and Fight Team Captain

Stephen began his HEMA career at the age of 28 after a 7 year background in Arnis. He was able to score second place at Pacific northwest HEMA gathering in 2011. In 2012 Stephen was able to score third place in the Cutting tournament at Pacific northwest HEMA gathering in Leavenworth, Washington. He has consistently been in the top 16 or better in nearly every tournament he has entered recently and is constantly striving to improve his training. Stephen’s coaching ability has helped fellow members of Blood and Iron excel and achieve the highest honors for our school.