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Burnaby Staff & Instructors



Lee Smith
Principle Instructor


Lee is the principal instructor of Blood and Iron Martial arts. He runs the training floor, oversees skills development, and manages the curriculum. Lee is also a certified HEMA Alliance Instructor and served as the director for the HEMA Alliance Curriculum Council from 2012 to 2014. He is always practicing and studying to improve what we teach. His specialties are the longsword, the dussack/messer, rapier and dagger, renaissance side sword and paired buckler, and contemporary fighting knife.
Lee is a passionate advocate of competitive fighting; himself being an extremely successful tournament fighter with many noted victories at prestigious events worldwide. He is a respected international instructor having taught seminars and classes at major events throughout North America and Europe.



Nicole Smith
Operations Manager


Nicole is a rarity being one of the few women in North America to hold a HEMA Alliance Certification teaching historical fencing. As one of the world’s top female HEMA practitioners, Nicole has won multiple tournaments in several weapons types. She was at one time ranked number one in the world for women’s longsword.  She is extremely well rounded in her practice and understanding of the art. Her specialties are the rapier, longsword, and dussack/messer. She is also known for her skill with the dagger/knife, and late period sword and buckler.

Nicole is also the heart of Blood and Iron. She is the one who introduces you to Blood and Iron, answers your questions and concerns, looks after your accounts, and keeps things running smoothly. She also has a level C certificate in First Aid.



Julian Schuetze
Head Youth Instructor
Fight Team Coach, Burnaby


Julian is the fight team coach for Blood and Iron Burnaby. He is currently enrolled in school for sport sciences and is working towards a bachelor’s degree of kinesiology. He is also enrolled in ongoing coaching programs, and has certification in the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP). Julian has taught and competed internationally and has been recognized for his technical excellence and superior fencing abilities. As the head of the Sword School youth program at Blood and Iron, Julian developed a curriculum to grow his students into proper little sword fighters.

Julian is the main contact for the Sword School youth program, and can be reached via email at [email protected].



Danny Miller


Danny is a veteran martial artist and longtime training partner of Blood and Iron founder, Lee Smith. He has been studying some form of martial art since he was a child and values having a diverse training background from which to teach. He has studied Hai Dong Gumdo, Olympic fencing, Karate, Tae Kwon Do, and Police Judo, among others. He currently holds a 3rd Dan black belt in Sun Hang Do Martial Arts, where he is also an instructor.
Danny’s instructing style is relaxed and tends to focus on the proper realistic application of whatever technique is being taught. He is employed by BC Corrections where he regularly teaches Force Options. He is also an active member of the Emergency Response Team, and so values effective, efficient, and safe combative technique, whether armed or unarmed. His specialties include reality based self defense (armed and unarmed), longsword, knife, and sabre.



Stephen Kime


Stephen came to HEMA with a well established martial arts foundation spanning 7 years in Arnis and Tae Kwon Do. Since then, Stephen has worked to become an internationally recognized instructor and fighter, having taught in Canada and the United States. Stephen excels in longsword cutting and has won multiple medals in the field. He is also well versed in singlestick, sword and buckler, and German longsword. Stephen is often seen working with new students to help them develop strong foundational knowledge that will allow them to achieve long term success in HEMA. He is also First Aid Level 1 certified and is prepared to handle emergency situations.



Jesse Tucker


Jesse began studying various renaissance and late medieval weapon sets and treatises in 2009. Since then, Jesse has excelled in the use of rapier and dagger, sword and buckler, and German longsword. He is also a skilled fighter when using single-handed weapons such as knife, dussack, sabre, and singlestick.
Jesse played semi-pro football and coached peewee and midget community football for several years, and thus brings valuable coaching and team-building experience to Blood and Iron. Jesse is also a sought after instructor across North America. Having competed and taught at international HEMA events, Jesse is a well respected practitioner in the wider HEMA community.



Thomas J. Potter
Stage and Screen Instructor


Thomas is a classically trained actor, noted fight choreographer, and an experienced member of the stunt community. With more than 20 years of experience in the film industry, Thomas brings a unique and effective program to Blood and Iron. Having served in the Canadian Armed Forces (PPCLI) has influenced his method of teaching and choreographing stunts. Combing both his training and experience Thomas’ focus is to further historical martial arts in theatre and film, and to teach students how to create an exciting fight that tells a story.

Thomas runs the Film & Theatre Combat For Actors class. More information can be found on the Theatre Combat page, while inquiries can be sent to [email protected].