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Victoria Staff & Instructors


Erik Bailey
Head Instructor, Blood and Iron Victoria


Erik started began his martial arts training in Karate at age 8. He then expanded his studies to learn Shorinji Kempo in Japan. Upon returning to Canada, Erik joined Blood and Iron Martial Arts under Lee Smith in 2011. Erik has been running the Victoria expansion club to Blood and Iron Martial Arts since the summer of 2013.

Erik specializes in single-handed swords, such as dussack, messer, sabre, rapier, and side sword. However, Erik is also proficient with longsword, sword and buckler, and rapier and dagger. Erik has taken a multi-sport course through the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) and is Occupational First Aid Level 1 certified. Erik also has Oxygen Therapy and Equipment training for response in emergency situations.



Gregory Temorcioglu
Assistant Instructor


Greg’s martial arts career began when he joined Blood & Iron Victoria in 2013. Greg holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Medieval Studies from the University of Victoria. While completing his degree, Greg gained invaluable experience analyzing historical manuscripts similar to those used by Blood and Iron. Greg specializes in Lausatök Glima, a Scandinavian grappling tradition descended from Norse hand-to-hand practices. Greg is a West Coast champion in heavy weight Glima, holding a silver medal in the method. Glima classes are run by Greg on Saturdays at Blood and Iron Victoria.