Hello all, and welcome back to limited training at Blood and Iron.

Hello all, and welcome back to limited training at Blood and Iron.

We are looking forward to having you all back but the necessity of these times requires careful consideration as to what will be the safest practice going forward.

To ensure we are following the covid-19 guidelines our training will be limited to 8 people persession until further notice. Sessions will consist of a short warm up, with class and/or sparring.

You will be refused entry if you are sick.​ Please show respect for your school, your instructors, and your fellow students by staying home and maintaining quarantine if you are sick,or in the presence of other sick people. Please make sure to announce that you are not coming due to illness, so that your spot is opened up for someone else. If you do get sick, please in form us ASAP.

  1. You must have your own protective gear for the weapons you choose to fight with; loaner protective equipment will not be provided​. Grappling will not be permitted.Some loaner swords may be provided. If unsure, please contact the instructor for thesession you plan to attend with.
  2. Your help with cleaning up before & after classes is mandatory.​ In order to keep us all safe and healthy we are going to insist on a new, thorough cleaning regime both before and after training. All attending students will be assigned tasks to ensure the school is clean, and ready to use for the next class. If you do not complete your task you may be denied access to future training days
  3. Be on time. You will be expected to be on time so that you are not wasting training time for others who are hoping to train. Be respectful of your training partners, their needs and their time. If you are going to be late due to extraneous circumstances, please call or email as soon as possible.
  4. Please practice basic social distancing & hygiene guidelines. Keep some distance between yourself and everybody as much as reasonably possible, ​wash your hands immediately upon entry ​& before leaving​,​ and disinfect your personal equipment regularly.
  5. Face masks must be brought to class ready to use​. There are no exceptions to this policy. If you forget to bring a face mask, one can be provided to you at a charge of 5$.Please pay attention to any special notes on the sign up sheet.

Failure to comply with points 1-5, alongside any other behaviours that are considered unsafe are grounds for immediate removal from the salle at the instructor’s discretion.