At Blood & Iron we practice and teach a science of arms. It is the fusion of historical techniques and modern science. Here we have instructors, not masters or gimmicky titles. Our instructor core is made up of men and women who seriously train, study, travel, and fight in these arts.

Practical Application

We train hard, we study the works of the masters at length; and then we take our physical training and our study and put it into practical application. We believe that only in this balance between application and study, can we properly recreate an art of combat that is not only beautiful in its various forms, but also highly efficient and devastating when put to use.


What does HEMA stand for?

HEMA stands for Historical European Martial Arts.

Who are our students?

Our members come from many different walks of life. All of them joined in their passion for the fighting arts, as well as the unique bond of brotherhood that develops through intense yet friendly competition.

Were there really martial arts in Europe?

For every weapon around the world, there is a corresponding way of maximizing its effectiveness against an opponent. Some arts were passed orally, others like most of our arts, were written in detailed manuals. There are hundreds of manuals in libraries around the world, in various languages and dialects.

How hard is it to use a 20lb sword?

We couldn’t tell you, we have never seen or handled one that heavy. Most swords were between 1.5 and 6 lbs. Like any fighting art, the forms and the physical conditioning take a bit of getting used to. Before you know it the class will be over, you will be covered in sweat, sore, and still wanting one more fight.

What are classes about? How much do they cost?

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Do you have to dress up?

Just comfortable gym wear and no shoes.

How can I sign up?

We offer a one-on-one private class to introduce you to sword fighting.  

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Our Instructors

Lee Smith

Principal Instructor

Nicole Smith

Head Instructor

Thomas J. Potter

Stage and Screen Instructor

Stephen Kime